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Clan Koalicia on General game (russian)


April 21, 2002, 11:00

Attention! "The General" tournament will be held soon. If you wish to take part, you can find the details on the organisers' website.

Just one wish from us: please use this server for your games.

The language of the tournament is Russian.

March 9, 2002, 15:00

We proudly present the new site design. Now its English part completely corresponds to the Russian version.

Also, we have corrected our database, finally the 16 scalps we lost earlier have been taken into account, hence the new order of players in Scalp hall. But naturally, the leader wouldn't budge.

January 26, 2002, 0:10 AM

The design of Player's list has changed. Now, in addition, it contains information on the number of games of the player and "scalps" taken. Besides, we have enabled sorting by rating, player's name and number of scalps taken and lost, which can be done by clicking the table headers.

Home page design has, too, been changed. Now it is possible to see not only the latest 5 games, but also today's games, and games from the last 10 days. Just choose the appropriate reference below the list.

Scalp Hall has been amended. Now it works correctly, that is, it displays all players who have lost or taken a scalp. The list can be sorted by scalps lost, both in ascending and descending order. The top five players have changed a bit, but the leader is the same.

All players, please pay attention to the changes in rules for amending players' Database. The changes are highlighted in red.

WIthin 10 days the main Database will be amended according to the new rules. The sixteen "vanished" scalps mentioned in the news earlier will be taken into account, too.

January 22, 2002, 22:20

The sixteen scalps that vanished appear to be very important since now there are only 195, for 2250 games.

The problem is that for those games we do not hold information on players, apart from those who lost or took a scalp, and also we have no information on killed AI participants.

In order to take the scalps into account, we propose to take add 16 games to the database, in which only two players, the one who has taken a scalp and the one who has lost it, take part. The number of AI killed in these games will be zero.

We will do this if none of the players affected sends any objections to my email.

Players affected:

  1. Soub [ea] (14) took scalp of Director FSB (241)
  2. neo (603) took scalp of Director FSB (241)
  3. ARA (751) took scalp of dictator (429)
  4. Director FSB (241) took scalp of neo (603)
  5. ARA (751) took scalp of Serafi (1586)
  6. Paul (244) took scalp of dictator (429)
  7. Paul (244) took scalp of Enax (1262)
  8. Paul (244) took scalp of ARA (751)
  1. ARA (751) took scalp of dictator (429)
  2. dictaor (429) took scalp of Serafi (1586)
  3. Serafi (1586) took scalp of dictator (429)
  4. Talgatych (909) took scalp of dictator (429)
  5. Director FSB (241) took scalp of ARA (751)
  6. ARA (751) took scalp of Talgatych (909)
  7. Director (FSB 241) took scalp of ARA (751)
  8. ARA (751) took scalp of withey (1534)

January 22, 2002, 0:30AM

We have added the option of getting additional info on players by clicking their names. It includes the list of his games, statistics, number and named list of scalps taken and lost to other players.

Correct amendment of the main Database has been done.

"Scalp Hall" can now be viewed. It lists the achievements of those who like playing with other humans. The leader is the same. Make sure you take a look. Scalp Hall does not list players who have lost scalps without taking at least one.

January 20, 2002, 11:50PM

Due to the insistence of player ARA an error in the correction program for player Database. This player was complaining about significant rating loss. At first, I didn't pay much attention. But then I really uncovered a problem. However, there has not been significant increase in ARA's rating upon making the amendments.

Within the nearest 48 hours the main Database will be correctly amended. The "five-point" games will be deleted, as usual.

There have been some minor changes to the site design.

For instance, you can estimate the time during which the server forms your page. Watch the line "Received in n seconds" in the bottom right corner for some most frequently used pages.

December 24, 2001, 20:00

The site is now fully operational. Just one exception: it is not possible to send information by email. Should be fixed soon.

Seven games and sixteen scalps were lost from the database, hope this will be set right in the coming battles.

Please use the full address when setting the bookmark and opening the page in your browser, namely, otherwise, if only the host name is used, the page will not refresh immediately when "Refresh" link is selected. That's because cash is on.

Brief instructions for working with the new site

a) Start the game.

b) Choose menu item "Options".

c) In the text box located below the line "Game server", enter the following address:

d) Click "Add", and then click "Apply".

MANY THANKS for your patience

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