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    About Game

Here is how the world of turn-based military strategy "The General" works.

2 to 20 countries can take part in the game. In the beginning of the game, each country gets approximately equal territory and resources. You are the ruler (king, president) of one of them. Your goal is to conquer the world, destroying all the other countries.

In the game process, you will have to resolve issues in economy, science and military politics. You are going to train scientists, recruit soldiers and hire generals. You can put your stake on science or build a militarist state. Whatever you do, however, you will have to go to war at some stage. If you are passive, others will kill you!

The best feature in "The General" is its extremely strong computer intelligence! Just try it and see for yourself. Computer players are not confined to a rigid behaviour scheme and can adequately react to the actions of other players. Besides, the computer does not peep and spy after the human player, which is so common in many other computer games. It's just very clever.

However, the most interesting and exciting game is against real live opponents! The game supports all multiplayer modes. You can play with friends over local network (LAN), via modem, parallel (LPT) or COM port, and, most importantly, via the Internet. It is possible for several players to use the same computer (HotSeat mode).

The game features simultaneous turn processing. This makes fair play for all participants.

It is not necessary to waste a whole week to find out who is the best strategist. It is possible for three people to play a game of "The General" in 3 to 4 hours, with maximum settings.

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