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    How To Play

New in this version of The General is Online play using dedicated game server on the Internet.

This game mode needs DirectX and Internet connection. Also, you need a fixed or dynamic IP address in the Internet, or routing and NAT translation of internal local IP addresses. In this version, you cannot play using proxy server or firewall.

To start, select "Internet game" in "Intro" screen. This will take you to "Internet room" form. It is recommended to connect to an ISP (Internet service provider) before that and test the connection, for instance by opening a browser like Internet Explorer and opening an Internet site.

If you are using Internet play option for the first time you will need to register your nick and password on the server. You can only use Latin script, letters, numbers and symbols "+", "-", "=", "space", "underline", "[", "]" are allowed. An example of valid name is "Leto", "Jet218" or "Magistr [ea]". It is possible that someone has already taken the name you have chosen, in this case you need to use a different one.

We are asking NOT TO USE abusive words and rude slang. Such names will be deleted without notice.

After registering your name, the server will automatically calculate your rating using the results of the games you have played.

This version will not let you to delete a registered name, so please select your name carefully.

Names that are inactive for at least a month will be deleted automatically.

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